Juventus announced their success in regaining their great goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who represented Paris St Germain last season.


This came in an official statement issued by the club and confirmed that Buffon had signed a new contract with Bianconeri and will extend for one season only.

“A year away from Turin, Gianluigi Buffon returned to Juventus and signed a one-season contract until the end of June 2020,” the club wrote in the statement.

“On May 19 last year, Buffon went and tears in the eyes of everyone, and then we called a person who was more than just a captain, a legend and a symbol.”

“He spent one season in Paris Saint-Germain and saved 73 percent of his chances and won 13 of his 17 league matches. He added two league and super-league titles to France, and he returned to Juventus at home.

It is worth mentioning that the agent Buffon had confirmed in a press statement that he refused a number of English Premier League clubs to return to his former club.

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