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The Official Emblem for FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019

FIFA has announced the Emblem of the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar this year.

The overall shape of the tournament logo has not changed.

The ball came at the top of the trophy in the form of the Pearl of Qatar and the Middle East Mashrabiya.

The tournament will be held on the eleventh of December until the twenty-first of the same month.

Five clubs have so far secured official participation in the 16th edition, as follows:

Monterrey of Mexico - CONCACAF Champions League (North America)

Hienghène Sports - Oceania Champions League (Australia)

Liverpool - Champions League champion.

Espérance sportive de Tunis - Champions of the African Champions League.

Qatar Al Sadd - Qatar Stars League Champion.

Heroes of the continents of Asia and South America have yet to be determined.