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OFFICIAL: Ander Herrera will leave Manchester United this summer

Manchester United have posted a farewell message from Spanish midfielder Andrea Herrera after five years at Old Trafford, where Player former Athletic Bilbao has not renewed his contract with the Red Devils to be free to leave for any club. During the coming summer.

The official account of the club was published through the Twitter, a message recorded by Herrera in his voice, and includes some shots of his career with the team.


"In my heart, I knew this from the first moment I played here, and since I started wearing that shirt," Herrera said in his letter.

"A club has thousands of fans who respect and remember all the players who have been given everything they have."

"I felt privileged when I heard the crowd singing in my name and with pride when they decided I was part of the club's history."

"Every time I represent this club, in every game, in victory and defeat, even when I can not help on the pitch, I understand what this club means."

"I will remember every match of nearly 200 games, because playing at England's greatest club was a real honor for me," he said of his career.

"Thank you for these wonderful five years," concluded Herrera.

Anger Herrera is close to joining Paris St Germain from next season. According to the French newspaper L'Equipe a few days ago, the player has already agreed with the Paris club to join him after the end of his spell with Manchester United.