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Matthijs de Ligt’s future is on the verge of being decided

Dutchman Matthias de Liechte spoke on Sunday about his future in the new season after winning the league title with his team.

"I do not know yet. There are talks, but there is no agreement so far," De Ligt was asked about his possible move to Barcelona.

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As for the other clubs he negotiated, he said: "Newspapers write a lot. Choose one yourself."

de Ligt's name has been associated with several major clubs in Europe recently, such as Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and Juventus.


But the closest to his services is the Catalan team, which has already joined Frenkie de Jong, who will move to Barça from next season.

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De Ligt, who scored in the Champions League semi-final this season, has already taken the lead in Juventus before coming out against Tottenham Hotspur.