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Incredible moment Pep Guardiola coaches Raheem Sterling just MINUTES after he netted brace in FA Cup final

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has returned to the fore not only because of his winning the FA Cup but because of the spread of his discussion with Rahim Stirling after the match.

Manchester City beat Watford in the FA Cup final on Saturday 6-0.

Stirling, who made one of his best career seasons, scored three of his six goals, but Guardiola entered into a discussion with him after the coronation.

The Guardiola and Stirling's "friendly" talkback reinstated Pep's way of dealing with his players during or after matches.

The Guardiola and Stirling shots of football fans appeared in a debate that appeared to be very sharp between the coach, aka Philosopher and Kimchi, in 2016 when Pep was the coach of Bayern Munich.