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Chelsea release statement after FIFA reject request to postpone transfer ban

A report on the status of the International Federation of Football "FIFA", Chelsea, England, in a major dilemma during the coming period.

According to Sky Sports, FIFA rejected Chelsea's request to suspend a decision to bar him from new deals for two transfer periods until his appeal was settled.

Chelsea has appealed to the International Football Association (FIFA) to stop penalties for breaching the rules for hiring players.


FIFA issued a decision earlier in the season to deny Chelsea a deal during the next two transfer periods due to his irregularities and fined him $ 600,000.

The network pointed out that in previous cases especially with Spanish clubs, FIFA agreed to suspend the penalty until the appeal.

Chelsea is suffering from a poor season, led by coach Mauricio Sari, who wanted to support the team next summer with a number of deals, to return him to the competition for titles strongly.

Chelsea, sixth in the Premier League, has 56 points.