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Angry Cristiano Ronaldo shouts ‘Mister’ at Allegri during Napoli game

Signs of anger appeared on Cristiano Ronaldo, the Juventus striker, on Sunday against Napoli in the 26th round of the Serie A.

The Bianconeri beat the South, 2-1, to extend the gap between Napoli to 16 points and move closer to the eighth Scudetto title.

According to the website "Calcio Mercato", Ronaldo was not impressed with the position of his team during the second half, after the team fell to his goal of the defence only, with complete control of Naples on the meeting.

He added that Cristiano urged his teammates to have a more aggressive mentality and strongly press Napoli to get the ball.

The site pointed out that the video footage showed Ronaldo screaming in front of Allegri when he saw that he was trying to put pressure on the defences of Napoli alone, and said: "Mister!".