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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sets unwanted Manchester United record after Paris Saint-Germain defeat

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær confirmed that the 2-0 loss to PSG was the team's first real test.

"PSG had the momentum after the first goal and controlled the game, you can see that we have not played at this level for a while and we have to learn," Solskjaer said in comments quoted by the BBC after the match.


"It was an experiment that could go in another direction, but defeat will not determine the season, but you have to learn from it."

As for injuries, he added: "It can not be said that they are the cause of the defeat. We have high-level players who entered the stadium, but Lingard and Martial give us something different."

"We hope that things are not serious, they have suffered muscle injuries and we have to wait for several days."


"Paul Pogba tried to use his body but Dani Alves was smart enough to put his foot there," said the Norwegian coach. "Pogba tried to protect the ball but he was not lucky."


"There are still mountains to climb, you can not keep falling and things are over. We will go there and play in our way and try to improve. Today it was a realistic test for us."