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Kingsley Coman given all clear for Champions League clash after injury scare

Bayern Munich has announced that Kingsley Coman is ready for Liverpool's Champions League match against Augsburg.

The Frenchman was injured after scoring the first and second goals of Bayern in a difficult victory on Friday night in the Bundesliga.

The Bavarian club issued an official statement on its website, revealing Koman's medical examinations, on Saturday morning.

The club explained that the tests showed that the player did not suffer from a strong injury, stressing that he will participate in Liverpool this week.

The French international suffered a strong ankle injury during the Ujsberg clash on Friday, raising doubts about his chances of facing the Riddles at Anfield.

Koman managed to score two goals, which helped Bayern (3-2) win over Augsburg to reach the 48th spot, narrowing the gap with Borussia Dortmund, leaders of the Bundesliga, to just two points.