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FIFA bans Chelsea from signing players until 2020

Spanish press reports have revealed that FIFA's decision to deny Chelsea a deal during two terms will have a direct impact on Real Madrid, which was looking forward to the inclusion of Belgian Eden Hazard.

FIFA have banned Chelsea from buying new players until the summer of 2020, in violation of regulations on hiring young players.

FIFA's penalty will directly affect Chelsea's decision to sell Hazard, although the decision does not prevent him from selling the players, he said, pointing out that he will need to keep all his stars in his inability to contract with others.


She explained that the decision of FIFA will push Chelsea to rethink the issue of dispensing with Hazard, and may make him insist on the player to stay until the end of his contract at least, in June 2020.

She stressed that the FIFA penalty was a painful blow to Real Madrid, who had been seeking to sign the Belgian since last summer and was hoping to conclude the deal as he did in the deal with his compatriot Thibaut Courtois.

She said the penalty would also completely destroy Real Madrid's dreams of selling Croatian midfielder Mateo Kovacic to Chelsea after he moved to Maarra, affecting the Spanish club's hopes of joining Hazard in return.

In the light of this, Kovačić will return to Real Madrid again, as Chelsea cannot be tied to players loaned under penalty, which will push the Spanish club to look for another destination to sell his Croatian player.