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Barcelona and Real Madrid - Will Messi miss the Clasico?

The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid may witness the absence of legend Lionel Messi with the possibility of restoring Dembele.

The news of the participation of Barcelona star, Argentine Lionel Messi, against Real Madrid in the Clasico after an injury to Valencia in the second phase of the Spanish league.

Barcelona drew 2-2 at home to Valencia, and Messi scored two goals of the Catalan team.

In the face of Valencia, Messi appeared to have suffered an injury to his right thigh and left for treatment but completed the match.

The Catalan press has not yet announced the participation of the legend, wrote the newspaper Mundo Deportivo: "On Monday, Barcelona doctors will determine the possibility of Messi participation in the Clasico or not."

"Messi will go to the club's headquarters today and undergo tests that will then determine the fate of his participation in the club," the newspaper said.

Barcelona newspaper forecasts that it is a simple bruise and Liu's participation in the Clasico almost certain.

The famous "Chiringuito" program in Spain confirmed the participation of Barcelona star in the face of Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the King's Cup on Wednesday, where it was considered a mere bruise and the player is ready to participate 100%.

Meanwhile, the newspaper Marca said Messi and Dembele will receive the medical statement today and will participate in the Clasico against Real Madrid.

Dembele's participation in the Clasico against Real Madrid is still uncertain, and despite recovering from injury, he arrived at the training centre suffering from high fever due to flu.