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Cristiano Ronaldo agrees to pay €18.8 million fine to settle tax fraud case in Spain

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, a fine and suspended prison sentence, has accepted a tax evasion case in Spain on Tuesday and signed a settlement agreement to end the case, which will cost 18.8 million euros ($ 21.4 million).

Ronaldo arrived at a court in Madrid to face charges of tax evasion during his nine years in Real Madrid, where he became the club's top scorer.

Ronaldo smiled but made no comment as he entered the court with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.


The Portuguese striker last year reached an agreement with the Spanish authorities to settle the case, in return for paying the fine and accepting a 23-month suspended sentence.

Prosecutors have demanded that Cristiano be given a suspended sentence of 18.8 million euros, a penalty agreed by the prosecution with the Finance Ministry, in exchange for recognition of the former Real Madrid player and Juventus for four tax evasion crimes between 2011 and 2014.

But Ronaldo, 33, will not spend any time in jail because Spanish law states that any penalty less than two years in the first offense can be stopped.

The Spanish attorney general said last week Ronaldo had paid 5.7 million euros ($ 6.5 million) in fine plus an estimated 1 million euros in interest in July 2018.

Earlier, Ronaldo's former Chelsea colleague Xabi Alonso also appeared before the court over another tax evasion case, in which the prosecutor is demanding five years in jail and fined four million euros.

Alonso, Spain's World Cup winner and retired in 2017, was charged with tax evasion and fraud and not paying about 2 million euros between 2010 and 2012, but has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.